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Friday, August 14, 2009

Most Loving Sibling Photo Contest

How to enter...

1. Be a FOLLOWER of ComfyBebe at Done

2. Be a FOLLOWER of MOBS at Done

3. Choose your best children's SIBLING photo and BLOG about it on your blog. Tell us a bit about why you chose the pic with your kids name and ages

(min 2 kids)

The best candid capture for my loving princess...

They love each other but difficult for them to show their love

unless when mama says "cheese......"

Hasya Amirah (6 years old )


Hana Humaira ( 3 years old)

4. Make sure it has a back link to both MOBS & ComfyBebe blogs ~ Done

5. Leave a comment on MOBS with your name, email and blog link (very important!!)~Done

6. Make sure you add this on your sideblog with a backlink to MOBS.- Done

7. For those who don't have a blog, email us your kids picture at together with name, email and address, why you choose the pic, kids names and ages :)

** EDITED : For those who don't have siblings, COUSINS can do as long as FAMILY!!!There will be 4 main PRIZES but depending on no of entries, there might be more :)

So hurry !! Send in your entries now !!
Contest runs till 31st August 2009
Happy Contesting

& Have Fun !!

1 comment:

  1. menarik jgk contest ni... selalu nak join contest cenggini, tp selalu jugak le terlepas hhihi


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